Amazing Facts about Studying in UK: Complete Guide and Tips about Studying in UK

There are amazing facts about studying in UK and things you really might not be considering before studying in UK. UK is a very nice country for students and offers scholars the opportunity to develop and academic portfolios and performance as well through the various scholarships available.


Today most students from different parts of the country are filled with so much fun each time they are able to secure the scholarship.

However, living in UK is not very easy but you can really survive and that is why I want to enlighten some students. This is to say that this post will enlighten and make students aware of the things they will see in UK.

Therefore let’s quickly proceed to the UK amazing facts and simple things you should really know. Are you with me? Let’ ride along.

Basic Facts about the Study Info & Tips

Please this is a post that will guide us by dropping a little more information on the UK studies especially for scholars. you will learn more on this Amazing Facts about Studying in UK.

Do you know that UK has many studying students just like US? UK scholars are very many and most of them are from international countries.

If you have the opportunity to study in UK then be sure that you are coming back with a bag of knowledge. There are lots of things to learn if only the scholars is willing to follow up with the school procedures.

Most international students might not be able to finance their studies in UK and that is why most of them settle for scholarship benefits.

UK does not reject students with scholarship benefits rater it accommodates them and impacts more knowledge to them.

Below are the simple amazing facts you should know before arriving for your studies in UK.

Amazing Facts about Studying in UK

Do you get the point now? below are the list of  amazing facts about studying in UK and more you can as well gain a visa lottery on the go to work, study or Live abroad under visa Sponsorship Programs:


The UK universities or colleges accepts the international and citizen scholarship for international students and citizens respectively.

The testimony on the lips of some graduates in most UK universities is that they used their scholarship to complete their studies.

In addition to that, UK universities offers students a full funded scholarship until the end of the study programs.

Therefore students who wish to study in UK still have variety of scholarships to choose for and apply for their studies.


If you are a type that want to study a different course which is not the same with your first degree. Then you do not have to think or worry too much about that.

UK universities offers various degree programs and courses for students all over the world to attend to. Some courses ranges from management, business, medical, engineering, arts and designs, logistics etc.

Therefore, scholars who wants to make a good academic portfolio by taking up a certain course they believe is useful will definitely find it here.

In addition to that UK offers courses you will be amazed as an international student because you have not really heard of it. Some do not even know that those courses are really in existence.


Firstly, I said it might be an option by this simple explanation which I want you to understand now. Therefore, if you are really studying from an English speaking country or from an English speaking country. Then you might be considered to study without the IELETS or TOEFL exam in UK.

Do you get were I am coming from now? Mostly the English proficiency exam is very much necessary in many universities and countries.

Also, there are some universities that can actually demand the student to bring such test exam before being admitted.


If you know about the UCAS admission then you can as well know that they are the special record body for international students.

If you are a citizen of UK, then this body is not necessary linked up to you but for the international students outside UK.

The UCAS body regulates and checks in the grades of scholars before they secure admission into the UK university.


Let me start with these; most scholars wants to attend the institution where they can really work while they study.

However, this is a good idea and the jobs might be available but will be of low standard, so it depends on the students.

Some scholars who will become graduates may not necessary like these low level job option. This is because they are aiming for a qualification higher than the little payment the job can give.


Do you know that UK has one of the best and highest currency with a great value. Imagine if you are an African scholar, how do you cope?

Most African scholars just like I said before go for UK studies through scholarship because they can’t really finance the study.

The cost of living is simply high and these can make some students to actually drop out of school without completing studies.


The instructions and careful information on the year 2020 is that on the BREXIT plan, UK has decided that they would grant 2 year visa.

In addition to that, this is a 2 years post study plan that UK decides that they would offers to international scholars. They can do this and also stay back to work as well.

This can really help out in the job options I pointed out and scholars might be lucky to secure a good paying workplace.

TOURIST CENTERS (Amazing Facts about Studying in UK)

This is very good because you can really, study, work and also relax as well. How do you see that? The UK also provides tourist centers which is a good center for attraction.

Every scholar in UK studying and trying to make a great achievement for some years already knows the tourist centers.

Some of them are: westminster bridge, cliffs of moher, lake district, and stonehenge etc.


yes, just like the name goes, visa really varies with the scholars visa request and choice as well. I know some will be asking what I mean.

Therefore, let me go further by telling you that if you wish to work and study then you need a 4 tier UK visa. This is for studies and work permit.

However, if you have very small period of time to work, you should go for a short student visa. The visa allows you to study alone.

Therefore, the students choice varies with the course program and the rule of visa set for such studies.


As a scholar you really need to get the health insurance policy. This is a compulsory something for all scholars.

Also, this will cover your health issues as you complete up your studies in UK. So is really important.


Yes in as much as you might be surprise on this issue, the UK weather is just not easy to predict because it changes.

So you should be aware of that but these does not affect your studies, is just a daily routine you should be aware of.


This is just a good information for you and those who also wants to bag up a whole lot of knowledge before studies are over.

The UK library is one of the best in the world and also among the largest, all you need is just a free time to read.


The UK police officers are very gentle and friendly people. However, you should not take this for granted.

The police officers most carry along a baton during work service and always ready to communicate with individuals.


Are you surprise to hear this? Hahaha. Yes there are some ascents in the country which might sound different.

Just like you know, there are also other nationalities living there so the ascents varies, you are free to learn more.

You can hear ascents from these countries: wales, England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.